Choosing R&D: constant innovation

Comexo has set up a development process for personalised recipes that is steered by experienced project managers.

" Since 1993, we have developed new recipes with passion and conviction and looked for new tastes that meet the ever changing expectations of our customers : they stimulate our creativity and, in return, we stimulate theirs by proposing recipes that arouse the interest of their designers.

R&D - ENG Texte 2

Right after the brief, we start the devlopment work together with our clients. Then we send samples and price offer with responsiveness, taking strongly into account the client's needs and constraints. The project manager keep following the process until poduct launch and further. 

​We see R&D as decisive factor for consolidation and differntiation on our markets, not only domestically but internantionally as well."

​Guy Cachan, R&D Manager.