An effective and flexible production tool

Our plant produces a large variety of textures and meets the specific needs of industrial and catering companies.

"Our tool can make a wide range of fresh sauces: mayonnaises, salad dressings, vinaigrettes, marinades, ethnic sauces, with herbs, with vegetable or fruit pieces, light or cottage cheese based.
These sauces have multiple uses: for sandwiches, dips, to top salads, reheatable or as separately packaged marinades for carpaccios.


We make ambient sauces with longer shelf life, in limited or large series. Our primary concern is to be extremely reactive. We base ourselves on a reliable tool that ensures the traceability of our entire production."

Luce Mollimard, Quality Assurance Manager

A fully secured production

. A complete HACCP approach
. A food safety and management system that is BRC, grade AA quality certified
. An effluent processing plant that allows for full autonomy of the site