From « custom-made » to creating « collections »

Comexo manufactures and fills about 300 recipes that cover four major families of sauces: mayonnaise, salad dressings, cold sauces and reheatable sauces...
Comexo is also an idea laboratory that can innovate and anticipate trends. Two new collections are launched every year, in autumn and spring.


"I am a chef, a passionate one, that wanted to make a fresh mayonnaise in large quantities, something that was not available on the market.
In 1991, I began working on it and designed a tool to make what I had in mind: creativity, taste, reactivity, etc., a tool that could meet the expectations of professionals, caterers or industrials.
Today, thanks to his know-how, the company combines a requirement for craftsmanship with industrial productivity."

Didier Giroux, founder of Comexo, now culinary consultant.