The customers: all sauce user markets

Comexo proposes solutions that are perfectly suitable for every one of its customers. 

"In 2001, we wanted to develop our own salad dressing. Specifications were both simple and complex: it had to be specific to us and used as is in our restaurants.
After testing the samples, the Comexo experts created a completely new salad dressing, which immediately met with great success : our customers often ask us if they can purchase it !

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Comexo has also provided a unique conditioning system, which guarantees an identical formula and dose in every salad bowl.
What we appreciated in this collaboration was the global concept it offered: a fully custom-designed product, extremely different from a  catalogue  approach, which allowed us to enhance the  Buffalo touch."

Frédéric Bertrand, Buffalo Grill Purchasing Director.

Two major markets

. The food  industry :
sandwiches, salads, prepared meat, seafood, co-packing...

. Restaurants :
sandwich shops, institutional food services, traditional restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, themes restaurants, quick serve restaurants...