Comexo, a chef’s brainchild

Above all, Comexo embodies the talent of a chef. Didier Giroux, who settled in Château-Renard in 1991, imagined solutions to transform his know-how as a master chef into industrial processes that were a reflection of his values and taste requirements.

The result  a company built on a true culture of innovation, which, more than 25 years later, asserts itself as the leader in chilled, tailor-made sauces in France.


"Our business is to design and prepare tailor-made sauces for industrials and professionals of the food and catering industry.
It also includes conditioning a specific product for a specific use. Lastly, as we specialise in limited series, we react very quickly during promotional periods.
Today, our creativity and capacity to adapt to our customer’s constraints is recognised unanimously."

Philippe Guergadic, President of Comexo.

Key figures

. New factory : 6 700 m²
. 25 000 tons capacity
​. BRC certification, grade AA
​. Organic certification
. 76 employees